The Trumpet of the Swan, by E.B. White

24335.jpgReview by Caroline Barrios

This book made me feel sorry for the main character at times. Louis, the swan, finds out that he can’t make the slightest sound and feels very left out because the rest of his brothers and sisters can all trumpet. So one day when Louis’ father teaches him to fly, his father takes off to steal a trumpet from a music store. But sadly his father gets wounded and is almost shot at by the store manager. Fortunately, he gets home safely. Meanwhile Louis had not known that his father had left. So, Louis left home to get help from a friend he had made when he had first hatched. Sam, who went to school as a fifth grader and was willing to help Louis to learn to read. So one day Sam brought him to school as a first grader and during his first lesson he learned to write the word “catastrophe” with a chalk in his beak. Finally, when he learns to read and write Sam gives him a slate and a piece of chalk.

But when he gets back home he finds out that his parents can not read what he writes in his slate he fells very sad. Then when his father gives him the trumpet that he had stolen it changes Louis’ life…

This book has 252 pages and I would give it a four and a half star rating.

Rating: 🌠🌠🌠🌠


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