Magic or Not? by Edward Eager

312080.jpgReview by Sydney Posch

Magic or Not is a book by Edward Eager. It is a fantasy and a fast paced book. I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventure, mysteries, and magic. I read the book in about two or three days. Magic or Not is a easy book to read and you should definitely be able to read it and I just know you will enjoy it.

The story begins with a boy named James and a girl named Laura who are twins and they are moving to a red house. That’s all they know. When they are at their new house they discover a wishing well in the front yard. Soon they make friends with other people who live on their street. Life is going smoothly, hanging with friends and discovering the area.
Then Laura makes a wish and it comes true… or did it? She still hadn’t known her friends too long by this point in the book, and wishes for one kitten. She got two, a white and black, but the tree was in the wrong spot. James didn’t believe her about the wish and soon he figured out that their friends had tricked Laura. One had given her the kittens, the other moved the tree.

They had many more adventures and also met a new friend named Gordy. Over the summer, magic was working but a few days after school started, they found a house in the woods, and made it their little meeting place but this only happened because of the magic, or was it just a coincidence in finding the desks and key and where it was found in their friends home.

Suddenly the magic wasn’t working and wouldn’t change a thing that happened. They figured out a kind and useful wish will work and a mean and selfish won’t. They kept meting at the house and talking about magic. Their hopes were gone and they had pretty much given up when…that’s for you to find out. I liked this book because it had lots of cliffhangers and gave good details about the story. I would give this book 4.5 stars because it was so interesting and just the title of the book made me want to read it. Now there’s one question, is it Magic or Not?

Rating: 🌠🌠🌠🌠


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