Classroom Princess (Magic Puppy #9), by Susan Bentley

9409633.jpgReview by Kadisha

This book is about a wolf. His name is Storm and he has an enemy and his name is Shadow. Shadow wants to hunt Storm to lead the moon-claw pack. The moon-claw pack is a pack of wolves. Storm needs to hide so with his magic he turns himself into a brown and white puppy and travels to the human world. Shadow can still see through his disguise but will someone help him hide?

Meanwhile, in the human world a girl named Kelsey has two mean twin sisters and their names are Anna and Louise. Anna and Louise invite Kelsey to the stables to ride ponies but there is a problem. Kelsey is afraid of ponies so she pretends she is sick. As soon as they leave Kelsey goes to read in the summer house. When she starts reading sparkles appear in the air and then turn into a puppy. Storm starts to talk and then Kelsey  screams. Storm calms her down and tells her everything about him. He turns back into a wolf to show her it was disguise. Kelsey can’t wait to tell her dad, but Storm told her to keep it a secret. She tells her dad that he is just a lost puppy and her dad tells her she could keep him.

The next day Kelsey told Storm he could not go to school with her. Storm makes himself invisible so nobody can see him. When Kelsey is at school she bumps into a boy named Ross. His book falls out and a few pages fly out. Storm catches the pages but leaves bite marks and Ross gets mad and tells her to fix it. Kelsey wants to apologize to Ross but how? In class they were picking who would be the classroom prince and princess. Kelsey does not want to be the classroom princess but needs to apologize to Ross.Can Storm help her? can Kelsey help Storm? Well, that is for you to find out!

Rating: 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠


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